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 SAC Senior Ministries Newsletter July 2022



                      "Do not cast me off in the time of old age and forsake me not when my strength is spent."



The Cumberland County Council on Older Adults is dedicated to helping older adults maintain independence with dignity. They provide resources that may be of interest to our members.  Cumberland County Council on Older Adults - 339 Devers Street - Fayetteville, NC 28303   910-484-0111​


Happenings with Older Adults

As we age and become caregivers or care-receivers, a multitude of health-related terms become part of our every day language. Sometimes these health-related terms can be quite confusing, especially when we are faced with having to make quick decisions about health care services we are not well-educated on. That's why it's important to learn what services are, where they are and how to access them. Here are some common terms we hear frequently:

Click on each term to learn more. We are here to help provide you, your family, friends, and the community with resources. Please call us with questions about any senior-related services Monday - Friday 8AM-4:30PM: 910-484-0111.

Home Improvement Program - Provide 60 years of age and older help with minor home repairs, security enhancements accessibility and safety modifications.  There is no cost for this service.

Senior Companion Program - Recruits and trains volunteers 55 years of age and older to serve older adults needing
help maintaining their independence (i.e. companionship, light household tasks, errand running, accompanying to doctor appts, etc)  Volunteers receive supplemental volunteer insurance, mileage reimbursement, recognition and may be eligible for hourly stipends.  Contact Senior Companion Director Dianna Terrell 910-484-0111 ext 224

SHIIP - The Senior Health Insurance Information Program provides trained volunteer counselors to answer questions concerning Medicare and to assist in addressing Medicare- related issues,

Telephone Reassurance Program - Recruits and trains volunteers to make regular telephone contact with homebound older adults  to provide safety checks, medication reminders, caring conversation, etc.

Senior Citizen Discounts
Embrace your retirement, senior citizen! It’s been a long time coming. There are some serious perks for seniors and you should take advantage of them all. One of the biggest perks that is often overlooked is the senior discount. Did you know that most retailers, restaurants, parks, public transportation and hotels offer discounts to retirees or people of a certain age? Here’s the catch: You don’t get the discounts unless YOU ASK for them. It’s sort of a secret, like speaking a code word at the door of a speakeasy. The code you should know is a simple question: “Do you offer a senior discount?”

Get a Room
Clarion, Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge, Motel 6, Best Western & Marriott
Clarion, Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge and Motel 6 will leave the light on for people 60 and over for 10 percent less than the younger set pays. At Best Western establishments, guests who are at least 55 receive 10 percent off, while Marriott’s discount is 15 percent off for guests who are 62 or older. Hyatt’s rate can go down up to 50 percent if you’re at least 62, and Quality Inn cuts up to 30 percent off for people 60 and older.

Banana Republic, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross and Stein Mart

At Banana Republic, anyone 50 or older can receive 10 percent off their purchase. Go to Kohl’s department store on Wednesdays if you’re at least 60 and you’re rewarded with 15 percent off. For the more frugal crowd, there’s the designer markdown stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Ross, where on Tuesdays seniors of an age determined by each store can take an additional 10 percent off. Not all Marshall’s locations participate, so check with your local store first. Need shoes? Clark’s gives anyone who asks and is at least 62 a 10 percent discount. Stein Mart will take an additional 20 percent off of its clearance items for those 55 and up on the first Monday of each month.

Eat out

​* Please ask for the discounts offered. Some establishments don't advertise them.

Applebee’s, Boston Market, Denny’s, Outback Chick-Fil-A,  Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Krispy Kreme

Applebees will give you 15 percent off your ticket, but only if you ask for it. At Boston Market, you can wrap your lips around some rotisserie chicken and smile as you smack, knowing that you’re 65 years young and you’re going to pay 10 percent less. Get thee to Denny’s, retired person, where you can gorge yourself and get a 20 percent discount with your AARP card. Hungry for a steak, mate? Outback Steak offers 15 percent off the entire meal with your AARP card. Update: Not all Applebee’s restaurants are participating in the senior discount program. Make sure to ask at the location near you.
At Chick-Fil-A..... participating locations, if you are at least 55 years old and ask for it, you’ll get 10 percent off of your meal or a free small drink instead.  At Wendy’s, you can get a 10 percent discount if you are at least 55, but McDonald’s is a little stingier. If you’re dining inside McDonald’s and you’re at least 55, all you get is cheaper coffee or colas. Go have it your way at Burger King, where at participating locations, His Highness will knock off 10 percent for those 60 or older. Arby's will knock an additional 10 percent off of your bill if you are at least 55. Krispy Kreme sweetens the deal by offering 10 percent off your doughnut selection and you only have to be 50 to get the discount.

Hardee's - vary by location . usually free coffee or small drink with purchase
IHOP - 10% discounts @ participating locations

TCBY - 10% discount for 55 and over @ participating stores
Golden Corral - 10% discount for those 60 and over
Taco Bell - 5% off order

Buy groceries
Publix gives shoppers who are at least 55 a discount of 5 percent every Wednesday. Please note that with these grocery chains, you need to ask at your particular location because the individual store’s management decides whether or not they participate in the discount – unfortunately not all of the individual stores will offer the discount
​Harris Teeter 5% on Thursdays, 60 and over.

See the country
Perhaps the coolest perk for senior citizens involves getting outdoors and seeing the country. Take off with three friends and visit any national park or attraction in America by purchasing an annual pass for just $20, if you are on a fixed budget. Your pass covers four adults. Children under 16 are admitted free. As a bonus, if you have four annual passes from previous years, you can trade them in for a lifetime pass. Otherwise a lifetime pass will cost $80. (Note: this fee was increased from $10 on August 28, 2017. It had not been raised since 1994). You must be at least 62 to qualify. You can also take 50 percent off additional services offered within the parks. This includes camping, swimming, boat launching and guided tours. So, if you love the great outdoors, get going!

Get around
Any city with public transportation options usually gives seniors cheaper rates. Generally, you show your ID to the bus driver or train attendant and you can travel for pennies compared to the younger folk. Amtrak is a form of public transportation and the rail service gives riders 62 or older a 15 percent discount on tickets. The discount does not apply to first or business class seats or some express trains. But you can cross the border into Canada and get 10 percent off if you’re 60. If you take a Greyhound bus and you’re at least 62, you save 5 percent. Trailways gives you 10 percent if you’re 65. Sometimes you may need to rent a car and that can be costly. Not to worry, dear elder, most car rental companies have your back, especially if you have an AARP card. Alamo and Avis, for example, give AARP members a 25 percent discount. The Enterprise AARP discount is 5 percent, but at National Rent A Car you save 30 percent. At Dollar Rent A Car, those 50 and over get 10 percent off. Skip the sedan and opt for the convertible. Live a little.

Just about everyone has a mobile phone these days and it’s a good idea for senior citizens to stay connected, too. Verizon Wireless offers plans for people 65 and older that start at $29.99 a month. You get 200 anytime minutes per month. Be careful of overages though. You’ll be charged $0.45 per minute. If you want a smartphone, you’ll have to pay extra for data to surf the internet or send text messages. AT&T offers a 10% discount for AARP members on qualifying wireless plans. A company called Jitterbug offers a simple, no bells or whistles mobile phone for $14.99 a month. It has a one-time activation fee of $35 and additional lines are just $10 per month. Now, you can call the kids and grandkids often and from anywhere.

Many stores, shops, and restaurants in our area offer discounts. Some are advertised by the retailer but often you have to ask. Always ask! You may be surprised at the results.
Jiffy Lube - check local outlets
Belk - 15% off first Tuesday of each month
Harris Teeter - 5% off on Thursdays for those 60 and over