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Mission Statement

Abney Chapel Children's Ministry supports the spiritual development of all children 13 and under to draw them closer to Christ.


What We Believe!

 Children are not just the church of tomorrow.  They are the church of
today as well.
 85% of people who come to Jesus do so before the age of 18.
 The Bible doesn't tell children to become like adults to be saved.  Rather it tells adults to become like children to be saved.
 Time spent ministering to a child is never time wasted.
 Children are the churches most valuable resource.
 How you speak to children becomes their inner voice.
 Little feet will one day make big footprints.
 “Children are a gift from the Lord”.  -Psalm 127:3
 “It'ss easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.  -
Frederick Douglas
 “A person is a person.  No matter how small”. -Dr. Seuss

Our Goal for Every Child
1. Know God: We aim to teach children about God.
2. Love God: We aim to create experiences for children that facilitates their love for God.
3. Live for God: We aim to create life changing experiences for children that makes them surrender to live their life for God
The more we know him, the more we love him, the more we love him, the more we live for him.














Parent – Child Connection Activities:

Father-Daughter Stay Connected Dinner – March 5, 2022

Mother-Son Safety First Nerf Challenge – March 6, 2022

Water Splash Trip – Wet and Wild – July 3, 2022

Back to School Bash – August 21, 2022

Vacation Bible School – August 8th – 19 2022

Fall Festival Make and Take – October 28, 2022

Winter Holiday Ball – December 17, 2022


Proposed Dates Children’s Church: Every 3rd Sabbath