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The Creator and the Cross

Christians have long recognized that Isaiah's call to action (Isaiah 40:3) was prophetic. It predicted the ministry of John the Baptist, who was found quite literally crying in the wilderness that the time had come for the appearance of the Messiah. It was also a call to God's people as a whole; they were to expend their time and energy preparing the world for Christ's arrival. . . .

Over the centuries, there have been people--even professing Christians--who have challenged the divinity of Christ, suggesting that Jesus was a mere created being, something less than a coeternal Member of the Godhead. But it becomes exceptionally difficult to maintain such a position after an honest, in-depth reading of the entire Bible. It was not a mere angelic emissary who came to this world, a hired hand assigned to clean up the mess. The One who stepped into our miserable existence was God in human flesh.

It was the Creator who came in person to save His creation.

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