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Use of Church Facility Policy & Guidelines

1.Refreshments may be consumed only in Classrooms and Fellowship Hall area.

  1. Beverages must be served in covered containers in the classrooms.
  2. Limit food items to light snacks in the classrooms served on paper or plastic plates.
  3. Discard any food or drinks served in proper trash containers.
  4. Clean area after use.
  5. Place all trash in proper containers.
  6. Call the assigned Safety Committee Member immediately for any blood and other bodily fluid spills.

2. Use of Facility Fee will be determined by the Church Board for non-church members facility usage.  Access to function should not be denied because of race, sex, age, religious preference, political affiliation, or handicapped conditions, unless a safety threat exist; in that situation call 911 immediately. Fund raisers held and administered by the Church, or an outside organization may ask for donations but may not deny entry if a donation is not given.

3.Use of the Sanctuary, Classrooms, Fellowship Hall and/or Kitchen is on a first come, first-serve basis upon receipt of a signed reservation form.  Reservations can be made by email, fax or in person.  Reservations for the rooms may be made no more than 90 days in advance.  Rooms may be reserved for periods other than normal operating hours.

4. Cancellations should be made as soon as it is determined that the space is not to be used, to allow the greatest use of the Church.

5. All meeting rooms are arranged in a standard fashion. Users have the option of changing the configuration of the tables and chairs to best suit their needs, but tables and chairs must be returned to the original arrangement before the post meeting inspection.  At no time should the room dividers be adjusted.

6. No signs, fliers or banners are to be attached to any wall, ceiling, door, except stands, poles or other fixtures designated for that purpose.  If any damage to Church property occurs because of this activity, the group to whom the reservation is made assumes full financial responsibility for repair and/or replacement. No Helium balloons allowed in the Meeting Rooms at any time.

7. Smoking is prohibited by anyone in the building/grounds and in the parking lots of Abney Chapel SDA property.

8. Ministry Department and/or Outside Groups using the Sanctuary, Classrooms, Fellowship Hall or Kitchen must adhere to the Church’s guidance governing the use of the facility – no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be possessed, sold, or consumed on Church property.

9. The post meeting inspection will ensure that Sanctuary, Classrooms, Fellowship Hall or Kitchen areas are restored to their original condition.  For after hour events, the inspection will be on the next regular business day.

10. Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated you still must practice social distancing. Mask and body temperature check required prior to entering the church facility.


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