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Thank you for your interest in joining the Abney Chapel Adventurer Club! We are a ministry serving children ages 4-9 in our church and in the community. Registration for the year is $50, which includes conference fee, t-shirt, and uniform accessories. Full uniforms can be ordered by visiting the following website: Uniforms

Please see the Director before completing your purchase to ensure accuracy of orders. 

**We do not want registration or uniform fees to prevent your child from being involved in our ministry. Please inform Director Mercallis Edmund to discuss any concerns you may have.


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Thank you for your interest in being a Parent Volunteer or Counselor! As a volunteer, a background check is required to be involved in meetings, events, outings, etc. Please click on the link and complete the Parent Volunteer Form.



**Background Check**

Step 1: Go to and click on the first-time registrant button 

Step 2: Select the Union and Conference where you work or volunteer

Step 3: Create a user ID and a password you can easily remember. It’s recommended to use your email address for your username.

Step 4: Please provide the information requested on the screen. (Note: Do not click the back button or your registration will be lost).

Step 5: Select your primary location where you work or volunteer and click continue. If you work or volunteer in another location, please select ‘Yes’ and then select the location

Step 6: Select your role(s) within the organization (multiple may be selected).

Step 7: Click on the green circle to begin the online training. Upon completion, the last screen will allow you to print a certificate.

Step 8: Please read the instructions regarding the details of the online training and then proceed. Select ‘Click Here’ to begin the online training (Note: Training can take up to one hour).

Step 9: Upon completion of your online training, you will be instructed to complete your background check. Please complete the steps within the background check process (Note: The background check will only take 5-10 minutes

Step 10: If you are a volunteer, you will be directed to complete the Verified Volunteers Background Check by clicking on ‘Complete the Verified Volunteers Background Check’. Verified Volunteers will require you as a volunteer to claim your account using three pieces of information – email address, home zip code and date of birth. You will then be redirected to the Verified Volunteers platform to confirm the details required for the background check.

Step 11: Review and complete the consent form.

Step 12: Confirm the information is correct and click submit. Once the background check has been successfully processed you will be notified via email

Additional Details:

Once the online training and the submission of your background check is completed, you can login to your account and click on ‘My Report’ to view your online training, retrieve a certificate, and view your background check completion date. You can also access ‘Update My Account’ to update your personal information. 

Additional Background Check Information:

• Enter your full LEGAL name – Not an alias or nick name

• You will be giving consent to run the background check on Step 3

• The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs all background checks – We are NOT checking your credit report. Use of the word “credit” references the law. You can print a copy of that consent form.

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