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Prayer Meeting -Wednesdays 7 p.m.

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To All who are strangers and seek fellowship,
To All who are weary and in need of spiritual rest;
Who seek spiritual solutions from their crushing problems,
Who mourn and need comfort,
Who sin and need a Saviour,
To All who have gone astray and seek to return.

tenderly says





Rahab's Legacy October 20, 2014

Rahab didn't have great prospects of being a kingdom candidate. But then Christ didn't come into the world to invite the pious, the righteous, the virtuous people, and the "insiders" into the kingdom, but rather the sick, the sinful, the degraded, and the lost ones.

     What kind of a miracle is it when a woman like Rahab emerges from her background, and becomes a follower of God, clothed in the pure white raiment of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, her life exuding the fragrance of a God-centered life, and then she is placed in faith's Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11? What a story! What a change! What an exhibit of what God can do in the life of anyone who hears, believes, receives, and heeds the things of God!

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Sunset Schedule
For: Fayetteville, NC
6:30 PM Oct 24, 2014 (Sabbath Starts)
6:29 PM Oct 25, 2014 (Sabbath Ends)