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To All who are strangers and seek fellowship,
To All who are weary and in need of spiritual rest;
Who seek spiritual solutions from their crushing problems,
Who mourn and need comfort,
Who sin and need a Saviour,
To All who have gone astray and seek to return.

tenderly says





Recognize the Disconnect October 25, 2014

Years ago the dangers of cigarette smoking came to light. The surgeon general even prints a warning label on each pack detailing its harmful effects. Yet the World Health Organization estimates 1.3 billion people worldwide smoke, and every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies. Despite the warnings, approximately 6 million deaths occur yearly as a result of tobacco smoking. People hear the warning, see the labels, know the harmful effects, yet continue to do what they know damages their bodies.

     As Christians who don't smoke, we often berate and condemn them - but are we any better? We read and listen to the Word of truth, yet we too find it hard to do what we know is right. Although we hear the Word, we don't act on it.

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