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Tonya Fewell-Mobley
Children's Ministries Director


Kept In Christ Kids

  June 19-24 2017 

Vacation Bible School Presentation
June 24 2017

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Mission: Nurture children into a loving relationship with Jesus through grace-oriented, inclusive, leadership, service-oriented, cooperative, safe and evangelistic ministries.  
Goals: Nurture spiritually, train for leadership and serve the community
Target Group: Children from birth to age 13 and their families
Sabbath School in the Park
​April 22, 2017

Stay connected.  Send us your contact information.  Find details about upcoming events through email, the church website and digitally during service.  All events are free and open to the public!
·       March Skate Date
·       April Sabbath School In the Park
·       June Vacation Bible School
·       September Skate Date
·       November Community Service Project
·       December International Children’s Weekend
·       Every 4th Saturday Children’s Church
·       Every Year: Church Exchange
Email us at: Keptinchristkids@gmail.com



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