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Abney Deacons and Deaconesses

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Abney Deacons and Deaconesses


Magnifying God's love through service, dedication, and committment  to the church and community.

   Oscar King
 ​Head Deacon


Deacons Jean Angrand and Leroy Elliot

Deacons Phillip Hannon and Fallody Moonga

Deacons Louis Williams, Jr. and Charles Oates

 Deacons Cedric Hinton and  Mickey Coley 

Deacon Jemel Smith

Deacons Not Pictured:
Tony Daniels, Stennet Rey, Jonathan Evans, Lawrence Vincent, Chris Mobley
Mantrell Williams, Derek Reevey, Jermain South, Adrian Moonga, Mark Jones, Elijah Clark, Michael Roey
Calvin Davis,


Honorary Deacons Not Pictured:
Lonnie Williams, Lonnie Williams, Sr.

Caron Branch

Head Deaconess

    Lola Gould and Anna Cameron
         Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Cornelius

Deaconess Not Pictured:

Annie Jerideau,
Denise Williams


Honorary Deaconess Not Pictured:

Lois McGaddye,Lillian Isaac, Ruby McSwain,Mildred Williams, Charlotte Eatmon, Marie Jones


Left to right: Asia Draper, Savannah Cornelius, Marie Draper

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