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National Service Organization


The National Service Organization (NSO) is part of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries. The NSO is most fully developed in the North American Division, and much of the material and information here is most relevant to the United States military. However, ACM promotes the development of NSO programs in all world divisions of the church where it is needed. Relevant materials and information concerning military matters in other countries should be sent to ACM at the General Conference. 

The work of the National Service Organization

The National Service Organization serves the needs of three important groups of people. These groups, and the needs to be addressed, are outlined in NSO s official charter: 

1. The church in general.

Development of policies that clarify the position of the church and its relationship to military service. 

Effective communication of those policies to the church.

Consultation with the NSO Committees of overseas divisions, as they provide similar services in their territories where needed. 

2. The youth of the church

Development and implement of an educational program to help the youth of the church successfully deal with the issue of military service.

Prepare and circulate appropriate information materials concerning military service. 

3. Seventh-day Adventists in military service

Assist Adventist military service personnel with problems of conscience and religious accommodation encountered in the military.

Develop and maintain effective working relationships with military and civilian officials to address issues about Adventists in the military. 

Promote and supervise retreats for church members in military service.
Provide for publication of For God and Country for Adventists in the military. 

Creation and maintenance of a database of Adventist in the military, as a means of providing them with church publications and other supplies. 

Promotion of a bi-annual Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries Offering, where needed, as a means of helping provide funds for selected services and materials.