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The Pulse of Our Church - Our Ministries
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Abney Adventist Youth Society - Provides structure for church youth to work together to know God in Jesus Christ
Abney Adventurers -  Designed to strengthen parent-child relationships for kids ages 6-9
Abney Children's Ministry  - Ensures all church programs include spiritual, social and mental growth for ages 0-14 yrs
Abney Communications Department - We connect Abney to the community and to the world
Abney Community Service - We meet the needs of our community through social services
Abney Elders - Serving Abney through leadership
Abney Disabilities Ministry - Work to encourage, facilitate and nurture those who are disabled
Abney Deacons and Deaconessses -Unselfishly serves the church and community
Abney Family Ministry   - Dedicated to strengthening family relationships.
Abney Feature Page - Features Abney's special events
Abney Food Pantry - Provides the community with food for the body and soul
Abney Greeters - Extend hospitality to guests and members during service.
Abney Health Ministry  - Assists men and women to fully maximize their mental, spiritual and physical potential
Abney Media Ministry  - Serving the ministries of Abney  through video, audio, the internet and photography
Abney Members Business Directory - Member owned businesses
Abney Men's Ministry  - Building and developing men and young men's integrity that have a  love for Christ
Abney Music Department -  Serving Abney through Praise and Worship
Abney News -  What's trending at Abney
Abney Pathfinder Club  - Coed scouting organization for juniors and teens in grades 5-12
Abney Personal Ministries - Evangelism

Abney Prayer Ministry Interceding for the saints
Abney Religious Liberty - Freedom to believe
Abney Sabbath School Department - Making disciples for Christ through study
Abney Seniors Ministry  - Serving the spiritual,physical and social needs of our community

Abney Services Ministries - Here to serve our congregation

Abney  Ushers - The Gatekeepers
Abney Singles Ministry  -Support and nurture relationships for single adults with each other nd with members of the church family.

Abney Stewardship Ministry   - Manages God's resources
Abney Women's Ministries - Encouraging women through faith in Christ
Sabbath School Lesson - Small groups get together to share what they learned from the lesson and how it has made a difference in their lives.




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